Clearly, there are major differences between bluffing in a real poker room, facing your opponents, and bluffing when playing poker online, where you have the advantage of not being seen. As you might expect, players are generally more likely to bluff online. There are vast differences between a live and a virtual game. In an online poker room, all it takes is one click to place your bets, and the virtual environment enables players to behave more deceptively than they might feel able to in a real game. The virtual environment removes a lot of the psychological aspects of having all your moves watched by other players. This means that in online poker, you should be even more aware of the likelihood that your opponents are bluffing and learn how to spot this even in the virtual environment.

You should also be extra cautious when bluffing, and assume that your opponents are well aware of how Internet poker works. Don’t be careless when bluffing just because the game is online, other players are aware of this and it’s likely that they will be just as able to call your bluff, or even more so, than at a real poker table. Of course, a well-timed bluff can be seriously lucrative! But don’t over-do it! The more you bluff, the more likely that your opponents will be able to spot it and catch you out. If you have a good hand, of course you can turn this back on your opponents – one of the oldest tricks in the book. Be aware though, that other players may well be trying the same trick on you. Another important consideration when playing online is that your opponents may not pay as close attention in a virtual game as they would in a real gaming environment. You should adapt your bluffing strategy accordingly. Take all these factors into account, take good care when bluffing, look out for your opponents doing the same and with a bit of luck, it’ll all pay off at the end of the game! If you want to try a laid back and more simple kind of poker, try Caribbean Stud poker online . In Caribbean Stud Poker, there is no need for bluffing or deception play, just play your poker hands heads-up with the dealer.